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Primal Gym Design

We focus on delivering premium gym equipment with expert bespoke gym design & installation service for home gyms, commercial and corporate spaces, fitness studios, schools and sports centres worldwide.

We are a British-designed, premium strength, functional and cardio equipment brand. We engineer our gym equipment to the highest standards in durability, ergonomics and aesthetics.

  • Manufacturer of Primal Strength premium strength and functional equipment
  • Free bespoke 3D Gym Design Service
  • Strong cardio and flooring partnerships to enable us to offer a full turnkey solution
  • GB Finance and leasing solutions to accommodate any facility
  • Europe wide distribution network
  • UK wide team of experienced, commercial service engineers

Whether you are setting up a small PT studio or are looking to fit out a full commercial gym space, you can expect our support, professional and honest advice during every step of the process. Contact Primal Strength team today on 0800 689 4021 or by email and see your vision become a reality.

Bespoke 3D Gym Design Service

We like to think we approach things slightly differently; we want to partner with you every step of the way to ensure that your facility is the best that it can be. We start your project using EC Design software to create a 3D design of your gym.

We know that every gym is different so whilst we have some pre-designed, off the shelf packages as suggestions, we prefer to talk to you and learn about what you want from your space. This is your dream, we want to help you to make it a reality.

Our team have first-hand experience in owning gyms, brand design, facility design, build and equipment development. We work, live and breathe this industry and our aim is to stay on top of the exciting new projects that we see popping up all over the world. With us you can be confident that we will be able to provide you with the best solution to your fitness needs.

We know how exciting this time is for you, so when you have your idea, call us on 0800 689 4021. We can put together bespoke equipment packages for you and help with the planning of your new facility.

Our full 3D gym design service allows you to visualise your gym, work out the best use of space to ensure that you have the best equipment to suit your customers’ needs and we can add in your colours, logos and branding so that you can see the finished concept.

Your final gym plans are an excellent tool to help you market the gym prior to opening. We will also use our social media to ensure that when you are ready to launch, your gym has as much exposure as possible.

Simply give us a call on 0800 689 4021 and we will arrange a meeting with you at your new facility or send us the plans and talk us through your ideas. We can help ensure that you have considered every aspect of the gym from the equipment, changing areas, to flooring and lighting. In an ever-expanding industry, it pays to be different, we can help you find your unique selling point.

Our Equipment

At Primal Strength, we take pride in our experience and knowledge of the fitness industry and this knowledge has led us to develop a range of commercial strength and functional equipment that not only has superior aesthetics but is exceptional to use.

Primal Strength was born out of the idea that the fitness industry needed a premium strength brand that offered unique products, that were exceptionally made, at affordable prices. We wanted to move away from long lead times, so all our online products are in stock in our UK warehouse.

We started by creating the unique Spyder Dumbbell Bench, crafted from single pieces of 8mm steel and then developed the matching Stealth Half Rack with the unique, multi-handle chin up options. Bored with basic benches and racks we wanted to create unique, premium-quality equipment that stands out whilst delivering world leading functionality.

It isn’t always a case of reinventing the wheel, sometimes you just need to listen to customer feedback and make some small tweaks. One of the common complaints on basic bumper discs is the chrome coated, metal centres can ruin a good Olympic bar, the chrome centre can flake and eventually with the bumper centres repeatedly hitting each other the bumper structure gets damaged. When designing the Primal Strength Olympic plates and bumpers we chose a smooth, brushed-steel centre with rounded edges, allowing discs to easily slide on and off the Olympic bars without damaging the sleeves. The centres are then encased to protect the integrity of the discs, even when dropped the centres do not bang together. We have gone one step further with our thicker Stealth Hi-Temp Grain Bumpers that are designed for repeated dropping in hardcore gyms and elite CrossFit facilities.

When making the decision to purchase from Primal Strength you can be assured that the equipment will create an experience that will attract new members, retain current members and ensure that your facilities equipment is a huge success.

Europe wide distribution network

Primal Strength ship products worldwide, and we also have some key exclusive distribution partners across Europe.
If you are based outside the UK and would like to visit one of our partners showrooms, please give us a call or email and we will point you in the direction of your nearest supplier.

UK wide team of experienced service engineers

Primal Strength have a UK wide team of installers and service engineers that are ready to install your gym and offer ongoing maintenance contracts. Given the nature of the equipment it is a service that we strongly recommend to ensure that the kit is assembled perfectly ready for your launch. Our engineers are also on hand should anything go wrong with your equipment. Our service team will aim to get an engineer on site within 48hrs and providing the equipment is within its warranty period we guarantee a repair or if needed a replacement to cause as little inconvenience to you and your business as possible.

Finance solutions to accommodate any facility

Opening a new facility, be it a PT studio, CrossFit box or Commercial gym can have high start-up costs, and it can often be easier on your business to spread the cost of the equipment over a fixed period. You can speak to the team at Primal Strength and we will recommend leasing companies that can offer finance solutions to suit your facility. We work alongside some of the industry leaders and they offer leasing options to both established companies and start-ups. Call the team today on 0800 689 4021 to discuss finance in more detail.

Strong brand partnerships

Our passion is our strength and functional equipment brand; however, we also partner with some of the keys industry leaders in Cardio equipment. Working with Concept 2, Spirit Fitness, Origin Fitness and Speedway, our aim is to stay on trend. If you should you need something that is not on our site, give us a call and we will source it for you.

We are Primal.