Primal Strength Primary V2 Home Power Rack with Lat Pulldown/Low Row


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  • Multi-use Home Power Rack
  • Lat Pull Down with Low Row Included
  • Hardened Chrome Hooks and Spotter Catcher Arms
  • Hardened Chrome Straight Chin-Up Bar with Medium Knurling
  • Suitable for Loads up to 300kg

Pre order for delivery mid October

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Caring for your Primal Strength product

Cleaning or disinfectant/sanitising spray should not be sprayed directly onto this product, it can remove the paint/ceramic coating/ionised/chromed finish and can cause rust. This product must only be used indoors in a temperature controlled environment and be left dry. Any damage to products from chemical cleaning products voids the product warranty.


The Primary Home Power Rack with Lat Pull Down and Low Row is designed for homes and garage gyms. Backed with a lifetime, in-home frame warranty and designed using box steel with hardened chrome attachments. The stylish rack has been tested to withstand loads of up to 300kg.

The rack is designed with multiple frame holes, to ensure the spotter catchers and bar hooks can be set at any height. The Lat pull down and low row attachment allows users to perform multiple back and arm exercises. The straight chin-up bar is great for both chins and muscle-ups.

The power rack frame is supported by an extended front base structure for safety and security when performing a wide range of exercises.

The Primary Home Power Rack comes in Matte Nero with additional standard and Olympic weight storage pins. It is designed to be used with both the Primal Strength Primary Home FID Bench and the Alpha Adjustable Bench. The rack will take all Primal Strength Olympic Bars and the 6ft International Olympic Bar. The Lat Pull Down and Low Row Attachment take both standard and Olympic weight plates.

Additional information

Dimensions 150 × 165 × 217 cm